konnect Issue-date: 31st March, 2020.
Presidents Message

Dr. Jayesh Barve

My Dear Automation Professionals:
Feel a bit untimely near the end of quarter but still would like to wish all a Happy New Year 2020 Happy Ugadi and a Happy Holi! These wishes are important, even though we know unfortunately the festive Happiness did not last long with the world getting under the grip of Corona pandemic by Mar-2020!!!

For us, this quarter started with a bang of events! We successfully organized a unique ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certification Training program - 1st time in India for Indian automation professionals to get certified for world-class IT-OT cybersecurity standard. This was made possible due to collaborations and support amongst ISA, ISA Europe, ISA D14 leadership, ISA Pune and ISAB coming together to host this training course for a batch each at Pune & Bangalore.
But, our joy of this great beginning of this quarter soon faded out by the end of quarter due to worst ever Covid-19 pandemic, that brought almost the whole world under unthinkable and fearful 1st ever experience of self-imposed lockdowns and social distancing. The governments, administrators, hospitals, industries and people came together to face this sudden shock across the world. People going through this new panic experience with the wide eyes watching the world-momentum coming to almost a stand still. And all amazed, thinking about how this happened, but fighting hard to somehow gather will-power, courage and hoping find ways to get rid of & sail through these tough times. The festive moods of New year, Makar-Sankranti and Holi soon came to an atmosphere of strange silence and grief. [“A panic-gripped World… Surprised with Fingers Crossed”!!!]

Highlights & Summary of outgoing quarter (Jan-Mar 2020): Before the world got into the grip of Covid-19 pandemic, fortunately we saw some special and unique actions. In Jan-2020, we conducted 2 special Techtalks by some international expert-guests who were travelling to Bangalore. Mr Rathan Bala (President, ISA Building Automation Division from USA) and Mr Philip (ISA 62443 Cybersecurity Expert Professional & Trainer from ISA Europe, Netherlands). We successfully conducted the biggest & special highlight of 2019-20 term i.e. 1st ever 5-days ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certification Training Course (part-A covering IC32, IC33 modules). Total 19 professionals including professionals from companies like Deloitte, GE, Yokogawa, Siemens, Infosys; academia like VJTI, and even few independent free-lancers. Important to note, we also took this opportunity to get one of local 62443 expert trainer got qualified as ISA Europe approved Cybersecurity Expert Trainer. On the other side, our students’ sections/institutes organized excellent programs like All-India level Mitsubishi-cup organized by BMS College of Engineering (one of our vibrant student sections) and International Conference ICASIC-2020 organized by VIT-Vellore (another vibrant student section). ISAB engaged in both these events with technical co-sponsorship and support via sponsorship by our member’s company (Sunlux-Bangalore), and direct engagement of few ISAB leaders as industry-experts (includes me) to support and witness some great actions by academia. We also saw 1st ever D14 initiatives of India Automation Games (organized by ISA Maharashtra Section) and 2nd India DLC-meeting (organized by ISA Pune Section). [“Great Start of the Year… Later Challenged by Covid-19 Pandemic”!!!]

Outlook of upcoming Quarter (Apr-Jun2020): By the end of Mar-2020 Bangalore, India and almost whole world came to almost a standstill with all locked-down, people fearful staying home maintaining social distancing and governments/administrators/doctors/police busy service the humanity bringing people closer by heart but away physically – all praying to soon get solution to bring this world back into normal – may be new normal! So, Fingers crossed, many under-planned programs like batches of cybersecurity training, our flagship annual events PharmaNext 2.0 & iAct-2020 – all became dream as the hopes of world, India and Bangalore coming out of lock-down seemed far-fetched. All our plans for this quarter went on-hold – waiting cluelessly until conditions improves before we hope to see a ray of light out of tough lock-down situations to replan & resume next actions. We are poised to enter a unique experience of life. But, with hopes to strike back with greater actions, as soon as things become viable. [“Stay Home. Stay Safe. Salute Covid-19 Warriors”!!!]

I continue to thanks all in leadership teams and members requesting to take care maintain social distancing and take care to stay home and stay safe. Pray for all and the whole world to soon come out of this pandemic soon. But, do take this also as an opportunity to find some new normal and good time to stay spend good family-time together. Remember Human is God’s best created animal and keep faith that we will find ways and turn around this situation soon! [“Take Care. Be positive. Pray God. ?!!”]

Thank you

With the Best Regards

Dr. Jayesh Barve President, ISA Bangalore section (2019-20)